The name of Orzelleca Gioielli has been linked to jewelery since 1940, when the first sign of jewelery in Piazza Orsini in Benevento was raised. Soon that first nucleus expanded towards the sectors, to include watchmaking, silverware, fine porcelain and crystal manufactories. The idea from the beginning was to propose to customers for the ability to make style choices showing the best in different fields. The pursuit of this goal has led the company to set up, thanks to avant-garde architectural solutions, the point of sale in the historic Benevento headquarters and to inaugurate a second along the central Corso vittorio Emanuele in Avellino. In its large show-rooms, Orzelleca offers the two cities spaces where the best productions of world art are presented. As in true art galleries, the exclusive creations of international artists are on display, which create unique and unmistakable collections, environments full of emotions and temptations, in which comfort and functionality offer everyone a relaxed atmosphere, thanks also to the staff competence, always ready to advise and assist everyone with great grace.


The Orzelleca sales philosophy is precisely that of ensuring that customers do not think about buying a precious object as an investment in the material of which it is made: beauty is the value that is acquired, the quality of the design and the invoice. In the difficult choice of a jewel to donate or preserve over time you are always sure of its value, also because it is always signed and guaranteed. Jewels and gifts are always of high level, whether they represent the important gift, or a simple gift less demanding, And yet the company will continue to focus in the future decidedly on lines, style and design of a certain high level that will know, as for over fifty years, impose its aesthetic sense and its expertise also influencing the culture of two city bells.


Rolex event with Alessandro Borghese November 2017

Birth of the company

Birth of the company Orzelleca in Benevento with headquarters in Piazza Orsini 10 as watchmaking and workshop repairs.

Expansion of the company

Expansion of the company and opening of departments jolly, silverware and goldsmith.

Registration C.C.I.A.A.

Registration C.C.I.A.A. in the register of Watchers, gems and precious metals ancient and modern.

Transfer to Piazza Orsini

Transfer to Piazza Orsini 4 with expansion of the surface ed opening of porcelain and crystal departments.

Start of the laboratory

Start of laboratory for the graduation and analysis of diamonds and other gems ( Registration National Register of Geologists: AP282 of 11/02/81).

Member of the "Carat Club"

Permanent member of the "Carat Club" and market consultant diamonds on behalf of the De Beers producers.


Start of cooperation of the Geneva Rolex watch manufacturer with center of assistance.

New Benevento showroom

Inauguartion new showroom at the Corso Garibaldi 190 of Benevento and further surface enhancement.

Showroom Avellino

Opening of the same product in Avellino.

Commission of the Diocesan Heritage

Consultant for the Diocesan Heritage Commission of the Cathedral of Benevento.

Club Swatch Collection

Launch of the Club Swatch Collection in Avellino. Expansion of the departments of antiques and specialization in Sheffield and shelf orol.

Council of the Federation of Goldsmiths

Presence in the Council of the Federation of Goldsmiths of Campania.

Swatch-Store in Benevento

Swatch-Store opening in Benevento.

"Musica in porcellana"

Presentation of "Musica in porcellana" works in the Convent of S. Francesco in S. Giorgio del Sannio with Amici della Musica association

Defilè at the Fagianella

Defilè at the Fagianella of dresses by the couturier Fausto Sarli with jewels of our creation and Gianni Carità.

Exhibition of engravings and paintings

Exhibition of engravings and paintings on gold and silver by artists such as Cassinari, Parmigiani, Bai, Dalì, Sassu, in our headquarters.

Exhibition at the Fagianella

Exhibition at the Fagianella of his own creations and gold sculptures with the collaboration of the artist "Germano".

Defilè at the President Hotel

Defilè at the President Hotel of Benevento with Damiani creations and jewels of our cration.

"il guerriero Sannita"

Creation of the series of silver paintings with the beginning of the "il guerriero Sannita" for the Royal Club of Benevento.

Restoration of the "Rosa d'Oro"

For the diocese of Benevento, promotion of the restoration of the "Rosa d'Oro" ( highest honor conferred by the Pope to queens and to great cathedrals) with the publication of a historical essay.

"Arte in tavola"

Realization "Arte in tavola" for the Royal Club of Benevento at the President Hotel with the collaboration of Club Aladino-Rosenthal studio line.

"Longines oro" Award

"Longines oro" award for friends of the cycling of S. Giorgio del Sannio.

"Presepi nel Presepe"

Delivery of "Presepi nel Presepe" taken by RAI for Uno Mattina.

"The Ballerina" ring

Realization ring with diamonds "La Ballerina" with publication on the major national weeklies in collaboration with De Beers.

"Madonna del Rosario" church

Promotion of spiers reconstruction of the Church "Madonna del Rosario"

Regional Seminar of Benevento

Arrangement of precious furnishings for the Regional Seminar of Benevento in occasion of the visit to S.S. John Paul II./p>

"Faber" Award

Conferment of the "Faber" Pro-Loco SS. Martino Valle Caudina with the motivation of Company Leader of the year.

Rai Uno "La febbre del polso"

Participation on Rai 1 on the "La febbre del polso" broadcast with presentation of vintage and modern high-end watches.

Ikebana study

Ikebana's studio for the artistic composition of flowers in the "Arte della Tavola".

"i giovani e la musica"

"i giovani e la musica" promotion at Palazzo De Simone in Benevento.

"Griffe de la Table" Exhibition

Exhibition in Avellino "Griffe de la Table" with the collaboration of the Maison Louis Cartier.

Show vintage jewelry

Show vintage jewelry Art Nouveau and Deco, of Boucheron jewelers, Cartier, Bulgari, Tiffany.

Damiani "Flash" bracelet

Presentation of the "Flash" bracelet by Damiani, winner of the Oscar World Jewelery in our showroom in Avellino.

"I Sanniti a Cuma" Exhibition

Exhibition "I Sanniti a Cuma" of precious jewels on the theme "the happy witches" in the Casina Vanvitellina of Monte di Procida near Naples.

Report on diamonds

Report on the diamonds "dalla nascita all'eternità" in the "Salotto Culturale Collarile" in Benevento.

Exhibition in New York

Show in New York of precious jewels and sculptures on the theme of "streghe felici" of Benevento.

Conference on diamonds

Diamond conference with presentation of famous specimens in Rotary Club, Salerno-Pontecagnano, and in the historic circle of the Samnite Union of Benevento.

Sicily Region

Region of Sicily: International Horse Show Competition - Creation of a sculpture in gold for the 1st prize in collaboration with the artist Ibraim Kodra.

Benevento Chamber of Commerce

Benevento Chamber of Commerce: Coining of a special medal honors for the "Loyalty Award at Work".

Municipality of Mercogliano

Municipality of Mercogliano - A life for art: with the participation of RAI 1, creation of a diadem in gold and precious stones for the Carla Fracci etoille.

Province of Benevento

Province of Benevento - Museo del Sannio: Coinage in gold and silver of "Il Soldo d'Oro" depicting Sicone, Lombard prince.

Municipality of Mercogliano

Municipality of Mercogliano - A Life for Art: Study and Realization of a wand in gold and diamonds for the conductor Carlo Maria Giulini.

Diocese of Benevento

Diocese of Benevento: Creation of bishop rings of sacred art.

Municipality and Diocese of Benevento

Municipality and Diocese of Benevento: Visit to Giovanni Paolo II, realization of a triptych of commemorative medals in gold, silver and bronze.

Curia Arcivescovile of Benevento

Curia Arcivescovile of Benevento: Creation of a ring donated by S.E. Minchiatti in S.E.Sprovieri.

Benevento - Show City

Benevento-Città Spettacolo: Study and realization of the postcard in porcelain depicting the annunciation, first tile of the bronze doors of the Cathedral of Benevento.

Vase of culture

Vase of culture: Creation of an embellished gold artistic sculpture from diamonds set in Afghan lapis lazuli. Curia di Benevento: Realization of a pectoral cross for S.E. Archbishop Sprovieri.

Municipality of Benevento

Municipality of Benevento: Realization of an engraving on the occasion of the inauguration of the fountain dedicated to Pope Orsini.

San Maurizio al Lambro

San Maurizio al Lambro: Exhibition c / o Murgolo jewelry of important watches and vintage and contemporary jewelry.


Avellino: Jewelery exhibition in collaboration with the "Nouvelle Bague".

Benevento-Show city

Benevento-Show city: Study and realization of the postcard in Rosenthal porcelain depicting the weapon of the Municipality of Benevento.

Pro Loco S. Martino Valle Caudina

Pro Loco S. Martino Valle Caudina: Scenography created on the occasion of "Arrivederci Estate" broadcast by RAI UNO.


Salerno: Official supplier of Salernitana Sport SpA.

Clarissa Burt

Clarissa Burt: Creation of the diadem and scepter for the winner of the competition "The Miss for Miss Universe".